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Reliable supply chain information is credit enhancing. Owners typically fail to maximise its value.

EZD Limited is a Financial Logistics Company offering an integrated service to Exporters and Importers of containerised cargoes.

EZD is a unique business that links the movement of goods in one direction with the flow of money in the other, creating an entirely new source of working capital.

EZD's team of highly experienced managers in finance, logistics and technology complements a wide range of partners including international banks, insurance companies, and specialists in logistics, technology and shipping.

The core of our business is the close integration of sales and operational processes across geographically diverse partners to ensure that throughout financial risks are managed within known limits.

Using smart information links, EZD is the only solution designed to deliver, critically, both lower levels of risk to all participants and higher levels of service integrity.

Our role is to organise and manage the financial logistics that underlie the commercial transactions between manufacturers of goods and their customers. This enables companies to realise the value of goods in transit and transform their cash flows.

EZD d.riskô
At the heart of the EZD process is d.riskô, EZD's risk management system that identifies and manages key financial and logistic data on a real time basis as it tracks the flow of goods and finances.

For further information download our brochure, for which you need Adobe Reader.