EZD is a Global Financial Logistics Company

EZD provides a financial logistics solution that transforms extended supply chains by delivering new significant sources of trade finance. It delivers benefits to buyers, manufacturing exporters, financial institutions, and logistic providers.

Dynamic risk mitigation

EZD links the movement of goods and money into one flow, and by mitigating supply chain execution risk puts the economic benefit of this integration to work for the buyer and vendor of containerised goods.

Strengthens trade partnerships

The vendor benefits from accelerated non-recourse cash flow and the resultant reduction of debt plus balance sheet improvement. The buyer benefits from a more financially secure supply chain with continuous cost and quality optimisation options.

D.Risk process

EZD financial logistics is a process supported by web enabled Global Trade Management visibility and integration solutions. It is recognised by International banks as a replacement for Letters of Credit and secures participation in open account trading with its innovative supply chain finance approach.