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Best practice in supply chain management integrates physical, financial and information flows.

Manufacturers and shippers involved in international trade are constantly looking for new ways to manage the “cost versus service” dilemma. When supply chain management is put under the microscope, established thinking focuses on two major components, inventory and information. The inevitable conclusions are, of course, that reducing inventory will reduce cost, and that improving information flow will improve service. By defining the problem in this way, it is not difficult to understand why participants overlook the more interesting and value creating solution. It is only by understanding the processes involved in both the movement of and finance for goods in transit, and the risks inherent at every stage, that one can begin to create a process that makes use of available information to produce an integrated, risk managed solution.

In 2001, EZD was established and determined that a significant and usually unfilled customer need was export finance. Critically, and only as a direct result of dealing with the three-flow definition of supply chain management, (logistics, finance and information) were we able to identify how to create fundamental improvements to the international trading process.

Working with its financial and logistics partners EZD provides an innovative integrated financial logistics service for business-to-business trading. The company is now owned by its employees and private investors, and is a member of the Employee Ownership Association: the voice of co-owned business in the UK.